EChoice Compression Socks Review

If you’ve been reading, you’ll know that I recently started having pains in my feet and legs while sitting at my desk at work. I decided to get some compression socks to see if they helped.

In short, yes, they did help – but different brands have slightly different qualities. These compression socks from EChoice, available at Amazon: are easier to get on than others I’ve tried – I think due to the fabric feeling a little smoother. The fit and compression was adequate, but I noticed after the first day of wearing these, that the fabric was starting to pill (get little tiny balls of fabric) forming along the sides of my feet. I can only assume this is from the rubbing against my shoes all day. I have other socks that haven’t had any pilling..

If you don’t wear shoes while you want your compression socks on, then these are fine, but if you plan on having shoes on your feet for extended amounts of time, grab a different pair.

Athledict Compression Socks Review

I’ve never had a problem, sitting at my desk all day long, but I recently started getting pains in my foot and my toes would go numb. My brain went straight to worst possible scenarios – blood clot, pinched nerves, etc. After calming down a little, I started trying things I had control over: checked my posture, made sure I was sitting correctly, monitors, keyboard, and mouse all at proper positions. After a couple weeks of that, nothing changed. I saw these compression socks and figured I’d give them a try. They actually have so many purposes that fit my bill, so even if they didn’t help my antsy feet, I could use them for other things.

The product came in a simple bag – probably saves a lot of money not having them in a box. Pulling them, I immediately felt some high quality fabrics. The socks actually feel like a second skin – and tough enough that I don’t fear wearing through the heels anytime soon.

Getting the socks on took a lot more effort than I thought they would, but once on, I felt like I was wearing some high tech Star Wars socks or something. The socks are very comfortable and feel like nothing short of high performance clothing.

In the first day, I felt a difference. I felt like my legs were willing and able to run me across campus if needs be. Had no soreness or numbing, which was nice – it was the first time in about a week that my legs felt that good.

After wearing and washing these for a couple days, the fabric continued to hold up well. There was no peeling (when the fabric gets little tiny balls of fabric forming) visible, which means more praise from me.

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