Review: TravelSafer Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Don’t you hate getting that tire pressure gauge, only to have it blow the top off while checking your tire pressure? I’ve had so many do that to me and I hate it. The other thing most gauges do is leak air – which makes me wonder if the reading is accurate.

This digital pressure gauge doesn’t have the same mechanics as traditional gauges, so it doesn’t blow the top, and the few times I’ve used it so far, it doesn’t leak while checking pressure at all! It takes readings quickly and has an LED light on it so it’s easy to see even when it’s not so bright outside! A cool feature – that I don’t use… – is the ability to change the units of measure to psi, bar, kpa, kg/cm^2.

This TravelSafer Digital Tire Pressure Gauge was certainly worth my time!
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