Adam Elements – Go Healthy Bluetooth Smart Scale REVIEW

We lost our scale a few years back when we lent it to a neighbor… and it just never made its way back. We haven’t been super sore about not having a scale, but there have been so many occasions that it would have been nice to have one. I’ve really always wanted to get another one, but priorities were elsewhere.

So I’ve finally got a scale. I really didn’t need the extra features, but for the price, I really did like that it comes with all the health measurements built in. My primary objective in buying a new scale was to have something that looked nice and cool. Something that I would look forward to getting on. Well, this scale does not disappoint. It has a beautiful design, it’s thin, has a backlit lcd, a dark greyish blue glass top. It’s really nice to look at.

This scale uses bluetooth to send the measured data to the free GoHealthy App. For the most part, the app works well. You can record a history of your measurements and set a weight goal. Editing your profile once it’s setup isn’t really possible due to the app crashing anytime you try. A strange quirk I’ve noticed is that the first measurement will sometimes be off a few point on every measurement… but then measuring again puts you back to where you’d expect. Really kind of annoying if you’re really watching your numbers, but otherwise not a big deal.

The measurements include weight, body fat %, water %, bone mass, muscle mass, and BMR. You can set reminders, goals, view your trends, history, and of course, current check. Another quirk is that you have to switch the app to the history, then back to check for a subsequent measurement – and you have to use the app to see anything other than the weight, which can be switch between pounds or kg on the scale itself.

All in all, I like this scale, but you’re hardcore, a more expensive one might suit you better.

I got this scale on Amazon: