3 in 1 Universal Professional HD Camera Lens Kit REVIEW

I’ve always wondered if these were just a gimmick… so I had to try these to put my curiosity to rest.

This lens kit wasn’t sold with a particular brand name – but the box has “SMART & EASY” all over it, so I’m guessing that’s the brand. At first glance, it’s just a box with some well padded lenses and a clip inside. The lenses, as small as they are, actually have decent heft to them. These are built with aluminum, plastic protective covers when not in use, and these are actually made with glass, not poly-carbonate.

I took some shots from the exact same position, pointed at some flowers on the dinner table to show the real difference these lenses make.

In order, I will show a normal shot, focused as close as it can go; then a macro lens shot, a wide angle shot, and a fish-eye shot. Each lens is labeled with what it is: 230 fish eye lens, .65X Wide Angle Lens, 15X Macro Lens.

Besides that, the pictures speak for themselves. The build quality is surprisingly good, and the pictures taken are good quality as well!

The cons that I see are as follows:
The clip is sort of obnoxious and in the way.
If you have one of those thick cases on your phone, the lens may not sit close enough to be as useful.
If you have ANY case on your phone, the lens will sit slightly off of the phone. I have a thin case on my Samsung Galaxy S7, but the offset isn’t affecting the picture too much.

The pros that I see are as follows:
The macro lens allows you to actually get clear sharp images from within about an inch!
The wide angle lens does give you a little more width to those photos.
The fish eye lens really gives a lot of view with its 230 degrees.
Pictures are still sharp and clear.
Possibilities of what you can do with these is really limited by your own creativity.

These lenses are really awesome and I would recommend them if you would rather take those cool shots in places you normally wouldn’t take your bigger nicer camera!
Available on Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B072FQTPPZ