Berzo 3 LED Headlamp Review

Unboxed Headlamp with Accessories
I wish I had six arms so I could do more of what I needed to (can’t have enough arms to do everything). When I’m trying to get something done in the dark, I either have to hookup a work light, or hold a flashlight… and running power out for a worklight is inconvenient. Portable worklights can be pretty expensive. A headlamp would be a good solution, but there are so many that don’t fit, are too heavy, uncomfortable, or break within the first week unless you spend enough to buy a worklight.

Thankfully, there are many decent headlamps coming out now that we can actually afford! I’ve looked around for a good choice – and there really are quite a few good choices. I finally settled on this one and am impressed for a few reasons.

This headlamp is comfortable, doesn’t feel heavy, and is definitely bright enough. I was impressed with the build quality: smooth finish and no rattles.
Clicking the button on top of the center LED housing cycles through the modes: Center, Outer Two, All Three, Strobe. The center LED is plenty bright, the outer two are a little brighter than the single center, and all three are obviously the brightest. The outer LEDs are very well aimed to converge with the center, seemingly at any distance. The fitment adjusts to fit kids as well as adults.

Fits all sizes - really!
Mode Low - Center Light
Mode Medium - Outer Lights
Mode High - All Lights

The only thing I think could have been better is if the battery pack used the smaller 14500 (AA sized) lithium ion batteries. The 18650s are pretty big, which provides two benefits that I can see: balances out the weight of the LED housings and gives a long life between charges. I really love that this comes with a charger accessory for just about everything, 12V DC (Car Adapter), USB, AC.

Overall, I think this light is a pretty sweet find and will serve its purpose very well. For camping, caving, bike riding at night, taking the dog out for the nightly potty break, etc… I give this a 5 out of 5.

Worn on head - Mode High - All Lights

Review: Electronic Pest Repelling Nightlight

This neat little nightlight boasts a triple protection pest repellent. Do electronic pest repellents really work? Some will say yes, others say no, I’ll tell you what I’ve noticed in my experience.

First, the nightlight feature is pretty cool. The light isn’t too bright and it has an off, on, or sensor mode which automatically turns on when there isn’t much lighting. This unit plugs into an AC socket and is unfortunately somewhat bulky, but you can plug in something else if it’s on the slim side of plugs. This unit does have a two prong outlet on it which may help nullify its bulkiness.

I happened to have purchased two of these units. One in black and one in white – although I’m not sure if the color makes a difference in manufactured lots or not. The black unit would emit a terrifyingly annoying sound whenever it emits the ‘ultrasonic’ soundwave… not very ‘ultra’… The white unit on the other hand, was not audible (to me). My kids all said they could hear a high pitched ‘scream’ – but only when in the same room.

Why is this a “Triple Protection” repellent? On top of the ultrasonic pulses, this also has an electromagnetic repeller and an ionizer.

Electromagnetic repellent? What’s this? This mode supposedly sends electromagnetic vibrations throughout your house electrical wiring, sending critters scrambling away. Because of this, the instructions note that there may be an increase of pests for the first two weeks as they are fleeing the premises.

The ionizer supposedly does what it sounds like… it purifies the air making the air less pleasing for “dirty” bugs that like a dirtier environment.

Has it worked? no… I haven’t noticed any big difference in amount of bugs. There have been a few come around in the same numbers as they have before. I am curious to see if it does anything when it warms up and the bugs really come out. Below freezing temps haven’t really allowed optimal testing, but I do plan on putting this outside (for indoor use only) on the front porch where it’s protected from the elements. With a 5000 sq. ft range, I’d love to see if those box elder bugs stick around on the trees out front!

-Stay tuned- I will revisit this subject in the Spring time!