EChoice Compression Socks Review

If you’ve been reading, you’ll know that I recently started having pains in my feet and legs while sitting at my desk at work. I decided to get some compression socks to see if they helped.

In short, yes, they did help – but different brands have slightly different qualities. These compression socks from EChoice, available at Amazon: are easier to get on than others I’ve tried – I think due to the fabric feeling a little smoother. The fit and compression was adequate, but I noticed after the first day of wearing these, that the fabric was starting to pill (get little tiny balls of fabric) forming along the sides of my feet. I can only assume this is from the rubbing against my shoes all day. I have other socks that haven’t had any pilling..

If you don’t wear shoes while you want your compression socks on, then these are fine, but if you plan on having shoes on your feet for extended amounts of time, grab a different pair.