Bicycle wheel lights by POLIYU

Last year was my first bicycle ride event that included more than 12 people – the ride: Antelope by Moonlight is a night time ride along the shore of Antelope Island, Utah. Every cycle is required to have some fashion of headlight – other lighting is optional. Being the LED fiend that I am, of course I fitted the bikes with LED strips along the frames, wheel spoke lights, tail lights… but why stop there? I wanted to test these lights out that are advertised to make cool patterns as your wheel spins in a cool blue light. These lights from POLIYU – available at – screw onto the valve stem of each tire (don’t worry, they come with a Presta and Schraeder adapter). These lights are powered by 3 button cells that are fairly cheap so you can buy lots more without breaking the bank. Motion and lack of light is what activates these lights and they will automatically shut off if either light is present, or there is no activity for about a minute.

For these lights to really light up your wheel, you have to be moving at a decent pace, which they do point out on the product description. Installation was literally as easy as putting the batteries in, and then taking the valve stem cap off and screwing this back on. They’ve held up well for a the few rides I’ve been on already and they’re tough enough that I expect a long life out of them.

Cozlane LED USB Bicycle Tail Light Review

As a motorcyclist and cyclist, I’m a huge believer in ‘making myself known’ in public, especially through the form of lighting. As I’ve been getting back into cycling lately, and especially as I commute 24 miles to and from on the bicycle, I needed to make sure I’m being well marked on the road – so others can purposely avoid hitting me… or purposely hit me I guess – no accidents is the goal!

To begin with – packaging: This light was well packed with little or no room for it to rattle during shipment. The mount is extremely easy to install, move, and adjust. The strap is a softer rubber that simply wraps around whatever you’re mounting the light to. The light itself clips into the rubber clamp in either direction so you can mount this vertically or horizontally. The light can be tilted (it clicks into each position) for some directional adjustment.

Turning on the light, I am very pleased with how BRIGHT it is! The color is very rich and bright. The module has 5 different light modes: Red Solid On, Red Flashing, Blue Solid On, Blue Flashing, Red Flashing – Blue Flashing, and off. Pressing the power button switches modes and holding the power turns it off.

The light has a USB charging port (and it comes with a very short cheap cable).

In use, I’ve taken this on a couple trips to and from work. The light stayed on the whole time to work, but it got turned off at some point on the way home. Also, on the way home, the ride must have been more jolting because the light was actually tilting down instead of straight out where I left it.

Overall Pros: The light is awesomely bright, looks nice, super easy to install, and makes me that much more visible.
Overall Cons: The light did get turned off and the tilt position changed while going over some bumps in the road.

This light is available on Amazon here: