Unicorn Stamps Party Favors Review

Unicorn stamp party favors – I know what you’re asking: “where can I get them and for how much?!”

Despite our every effort, my little girl is princess through and through, loves pink, unicorns, Barbies, princess anything, jewelry, etc. I really don’t mind too much since she is just so cute, but she also has a good time with Hot Wheels, making destruction sound effects, playing Minecraft with the boys, playing in the mud, etc. She’s so well balanced collectively that she is just such a beautiful person.

These princesses of ours deserve the very best, and when their birthday is coming and you’re not sure what to use for party favors, I suggest throwing in some unicorn stamps. Not only was my little girl ecstatic to see these stamps, even my boys were excited to stamp stuff up! I had a feeling my kids would enjoy these and boy was I right. I really wish I had some of these at my high school yearbook signing day.

In this set of stamps, there are 24 stamps: 4 sets of 6 different stamps. They include stars (dark blue ink), rainbow (light blue ink), unicorn head (pink ink), full unicorn (orange ink), “Magical” with stars (green ink), “I believe in you!” with diamond stars (purple ink).

These stamps aren’t of the highest quality, nor should you expect them to be at $0.50 per piece, but they will give the kids something fun to do until the ink is gone. Having grown up with stuff like this, I know that once the stamp is dried out, if it’s really that important, you can easily get a bottle of ink (color of your choice) and add a couple drops to it. The ink soaks in over a few minutes and you’re loaded up for another thousand stamps!

I got 24 stamps for about $12 on Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07B9VZFXH