TruPath LED Flashlight w/Case Review

I love doing reviews on LED flashlights – so many things I can be critical about… The TruPath LED Flashlight has now come under scrutiny. They advertise the brightest flashlight – but how can anyone really advertise that? Companies boast their 1500+ lumen single die flashlights – when 1000 lumens is really only reachable under very good conditions with the Cree XML-T6 die (which many of them are advertising that they use).

The TruPath light has an oddity that makes this hard to compare with other lights that I have: it doesn’t seem to have a hot spot! I can tell there is one, only because my camera filters it out a bit easier than my own eyes. It is mostly a solid consistent flood pattern. The flood light is brighter than many of my other lights, but my other lights also have a brighter hot spot – even when compared to the TruPath’s 100% zoomed in hot spot. While this is actually a neat and useful oddity, their advertised 2500 lumen output is bogus, as before mentioned, the Cree XML-T6 has a theoretical output of 325% * 280 lumens (910 lumens) if it’s running at 3000mA, which is considered an extremely high operating current and is considered unsafe or degrading to the health of the LED. Enough of that soap-box… The description says zooming is a twist action, you actually just pull the lens forward.

Otherwise, for the price, it is of exceptional build quality, no loose, shaky parts. It’s waterproof, for the minute I had it in water. And it has a very consistent flood pattern. It comes in a cool case, comes with a pouch, a charged 4000mAh 18650 lithium battery, and a 3x AAA adapter. I don’t think you can go too far wrong with this light in your outdoors or emergency kit.

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