Sumpri Hand Chainsaw Review

The Sumpri Hand Chainsaw – should be in every camping pack! This very cool half of a chainsaw blade comes in a nice textile pouch with a belt loop, emergency whistle, and a flint/steel fire starter. The blades themselves feel like they could use a sharpening right out of the bag, but it easily cut through a 4 inch branch. Although it still does work up a sweat, when you’re out in the wild, without your luxury tools, this chainsaw will get you the lumber you need for a shelter or a fire.

The pouch that this hand chainsaw comes with is a great extra to store the saw in. The pouch keeps the saw compact and easily portable. This saw will be with me in my regular hiking/camping bag.
Great for the survivalist, outdoor enthusiast, camper, woodsman, any child in Scouts, etc etc.

Definitely worth every penny, and this would make a great gift for friends and family that are also into the outdoors. Of course, a real chainsaw is better, and some people prefer the good ol fashion axe. Just think though, you won’t have to be swinging anything over your head – no wood chips flying – much less danger than an axe can be. But – of course – you’re safe with this kind of stuff… right? Are your kids?
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