LED Headlights from Small Ant Tech – Poor Engineering

One of the best bang for your buck upgrades for your vehicle is getting rid of those old crappy halogens and installing some LED or HID lights. I’ve used some great performing LED headlights in the past – although those did need some fabrication of some new retainers. These headlights in more than one way leave me wanting.

Product: 9006/HB4 LED Headlights with built-in fan and canbus
Cost: $35.99
Available at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07KLXLGNY

These lights come in a nice hard plastic case securely held inside with some foam – but that’s about the best engineering about these. The physical appearance of the materials looks good, but they lack the amount of aluminum I would expect for a heatsink – even with a built in fan.

I noticed immediately that the collar is very loose and you can physically jiggle the light housing around the collar, which results in headlights that move and jiggle over every inconsistency in the road. The design of mounting the collar is by simply twisting the housing out of the collar, which works fine when tightening the light into your vehicle, but makes for an absolute pain in the butt when trying to uninstall. When removing the light from my car, the light loosened out of the collar (by design) and I had to really fight with it to finally work the collar out of the assembly mount in my car. The plug is also longer than standard – which didn’t impede installation, but was a nuisance.

A brighter light is expected with LEDs, but these fall far from the mark. Although the light pattern is sharp and flat as it should be, these are considerably dimmer than my standard halogen.

Overall, I am very disappointed with these and cannot, in good conscience, recommend these to anyone. The manufacturer needs to pull these off the market and send them back to get re-engineered.

Halogen on top, dimmer LED on bottom.