Ancord Works Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker REVIEW

This is the new model to one that I’ve reviewed previously. The differences with this newer model are found in the styling (it’s a bit slimmer) – but otherwise, still has great sound, is waterproof (tested in the shower), has aux input, usb-c charging, and a tested bluetooth distance of about 50 feet outside, but it would certainly be less in a house with walls between. This speaker still has a mic built in so you can actually take calls through it. One of my favorite features though is the tripod mount on the bottom so you can set this up on a tripod outside at a party or event… or even while just working out in the yard or in the shop!

Compared to the other brand name speakers out there, this is less expensive, but sounds as good. Compared to others in the price range, the question is always: “is this a piece of junk? or is it actually worth its weight?” Well, this one is worth its weight.

Although you can really use this thing just about anywhere, I am mostly excited for this speaker to be in my off-grid shop. No power – minus the small 100W solar panel I’ll be hooking up. Just enough power to keep some LED lights active, a fan for circulation, and maybe a weather station. With 8 hours of play time, I won’t really need to worry about this needing to be plugged in while I’m out there, but even if it did, the solar panel/battery setup can easily charge this through usb.

My other plan for this speaker is actually sitting on the back of my bicycle while I do big rides – because earphones on a bike ride is dangerous!

$26 on Amazon when I got this: