Review: Dragon and Squama OTG Ski Goggles

My initial thought on these goggles when I opened up the box was, “wow these look sweet!” These feel like they are decent quality and well built. The lens covers the main frame, so these are a seamless design. Because these are OTG (over the glasses) goggles, they are really large. From the inside, I can’t tell, but on the outside, you can see how big they are – covering at least half my face!

The top and bottom of the goggles has a thinner layer of foam which allows air to pass through the goggles, but not so much that wind is getting in. This ample air flow keeps the goggles from fogging up – which was always my #1 thing with goggles. Fogged up goggles is the pits.

Overall, I love the color and high quality of the lens, but at this price, they really should offer interchangeable lenses. Other brands are…

Available on Amazon here.

Dragon and Squama OTG Ski Goggles

Review: Riskbek Hydration Pack and Belt

The Riskbek Hydration Pack with Waist Pack and 2 Liter Bladder is a great hydration bag. It is on the small side and works awesome for a youth back, but if you like to travel lighter, this works well on adults as well.
The material is of high grade and the quality of the seams is high. I don’t see any frayed threads or sloppy sewing. The zippers all work easily and the pockets are adequate sizes to hold some some lunch, snack, small equipment, or other various items you may need on a hike.
A big concern of mine for every hydration pack I get is how well does the bladder work? Does it leak? Can I easily get a good drink? In this case, I found no leaks, getting a drink requires “twisting” the mouthpiece (but pulling straight out also works) and biting the very end of the mouthpiece to open the valve. The product works as I would expect it to and I’m excited to take this on some hikes with my family!
I received a discount on this item for my honest review. If you are interested in picking one up yourself, they are found on Amazon:

Review: Ancord Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Ancord Waterproof Bluetooth Rechargeable Speaker Review

This has exceptional bass! I did not expect such good sound out of a unit this affordable!
Has a female thread in the bottom so you can mount this to a tripod. I used this in my garage while cleaning it out and inside while building some shelves in the mud room. Comes with audio cable (if you don’t want to do bluetooth) and a mini usb cable for charging.
Costs just a fraction of other waterproof bluetooth speakers. I recommend these!

I did test these in the shower as well, and they do indeed seem to be waterproof! Sound gets muffled when under water, but drains and sound clears up in about 3 seconds after being pulled out.

Only down was the effective distance was only about 10 feet with walls between source and speaker. It did perform well up to near 30 feet in my basement though!

I received a discount on this product but am not required to leave a review. I am leaving this unbiased review based solely on the product’s ability to perform and how it compares with my expectation of other products like it.

Ancord Portable Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio – Waterproof & Rechargeable

New blog finally set up!

This has been a long time coming… my site was super cool – once upon a time. It has become severely outdated and I’m just unwilling to sacrifice time with my family to design and custom build a new one. The result: a blog!

You may be asking yourself, what about the stuff you had on here before? Paper battlemechs, art gallery, comics, etc… no worries, they’re all still available and I’ll be including links for them shortly!

To quote my favorite artist, “Take care. Bye bye.”