PetExpert Dog Shock Collar Review

I was excited to see how well this would work on my energetic Brittany puppy. This ECollar comes with the collar, 3 different pair of electrodes, a test light, the collar, and the unit itself. There are 3 modes with varying levels of power for beeping, vibration, and electrical shock. The power levels are controlled easily on the remote by pressing up or down to set the percentage of output. While the shock mode didn’t seem to be effective, the vibration mode had a big difference in the power levels. I imagine tuning the power to just the right frequency may be very effective for some animals (even cats if you can get the collar small enough – or put it on a large cat!).

My Brittany noticed the beep, but didn’t deter her from her warpath at any level. The electrical shock seemed to be completely unnoticeable on any level (even though it was tested on the test light to make sure the unit isn’t broken). The vibration mode did get her to look up at me about 75% of the time when I hit the button on the remote… but it was really more my looking at her that made her stop what she was doing.

Maybe e-collars aren’t what’s right for this dog, or maybe it’s just this one that doesn’t work for my dog – but that’s my experience with it.

The collar’s beep function was very useful when my pup ran out into the hay fields. Because she’s so small, finding her was difficult – but setting off a beep helped locating her a breeze. There is also an LED light that you can set off to make locating your dog in the dark easier too.

Although my puppy didn’t respond much to this collar, it may be what your puppy needs. I’ve left a link below so you can check it on Amazon for yourself and see other reviews.

Thank you for reading!