Victagen Multi-type Battery Charger Review

The Victagen battery charger is an almost all in one charging station. This charger automatically detects the type of battery in each bay separately and can charge lithium ion, ni-mh, or nicd batteries. The user can manually choose the current of the charge as 1 amp, or .5 amp. The led readout shows what current rate the batteries are charging at, the type of battery, and the level of charge.

After some pretty rigorous testing, the springs in the slides have held up well and still stretch to fit the largest lithium ion 18650 batteries I have and will still shrink down to accept the CR123 rechargeable lithium ions. There was no problem with charging a nimh and lithium ion at the same time! Another cool feature is that when there is a battery in the first bay, you can use this as a usb battery backup!

And to top it off, the charger comes with two 3200mAh protected 18650 rechargeable lithium ion batteries.

This charger is definitely staying on my shelf. The only thing that could make it better, is more bays, and room for larger nimh/nicd like D, and 9V sizes.

Available on Amazon for only $18.97 at the time I bought mine: