Review: Red-Guru Trekking Poles

Out of the box, I was pretty excited to get these poles for some hardcore backcountry backpacking… unfortunately, the product was very different from the included instructions. Assembling the poles was easy, minus the one crucial part where the steel cable inside is supposed to be drawn tight. No, this steel cable (in any of the 4 poles I got) was always loose. You lift the pole up to take a step, and the poles fall out of the handle.

Completely useless. I thought this was a joke, but the website and non-working contact email sealed the fate of this company for me…

Final thoughts: absolute garbage.

Review: SurvivalHax Portable Water Filter Bag w/ Flint and Steel

I’ve been wanting to add more outdoor gear to my line up of reviews, and it wouldn’t be complete with a method of water filtration!

This portable filtration bag is from SurvivalHax, comes with a small caribiner, flint, and steel. The water filtration does its job as far as I can tell without a microscope, and the flint and steel work very well. It’s always best to have a bit of lint from your dryer to start super easily with flint and steel, and make sure the tinder is nice and dry!
When using the filter, always make sure your water is pure!