Review: Red-Guru Trekking Poles

Out of the box, I was pretty excited to get these poles for some hardcore backcountry backpacking – but then I ran into a problem. The instructions, simple as they were, didn’t quite make sense. They mentioned separating the pole where it was white. I didn’t see any white ring on the pole. I couldn’t find any other instructions in the package or online, and I couldn’t find any contact information for help!

After leaving a very negative review, Red-Guru actually contacted me and sent me a link to a video of the poles. When I saw what I was doing wrong, I felt pretty stupid. There is a part on the pole that has two stainless ends – but they are butted together and look like one end. After pulling those apart, I then saw the white ring that I was looking for. I think a simple diagram on the instruction set could have saved me tons of time and grief, and would have benefited Red-Guru as well.

After using these poles as they were intended, I was very pleased with them. They work great and are of high quality materials. The grip is comfortable in my hands and the height can adjust a great deal – enough that I can use them (6′ tall) and my wife can use them comfortably (5’1″). These poles also have an interchangeable foot so you can use them hiking on solid ground, or in the snow or soft dirt.

If you’re looking for some good hiking poles, these work great!

Review: SurvivalHax Portable Water Filter Bag w/ Flint and Steel

I’ve been wanting to add more outdoor gear to my line up of reviews, and it wouldn’t be complete with a method of water filtration!

This portable filtration bag is from SurvivalHax, comes with a small caribiner, flint, and steel. The water filtration does its job as far as I can tell without a microscope, and the flint and steel work very well. It’s always best to have a bit of lint from your dryer to start super easily with flint and steel, and make sure the tinder is nice and dry!
When using the filter, always make sure your water is pure!