Review: RnS Star EDC Knife

Wasn’t sure what to expect with this knife. Most $10-$15 range knives are gimmicky and boast tactical futuristic looks. Sure they’re still knives, but there are a few things that really separate them from a REAL knife.

The RnS Star came in a small nondescript box. I noticed right away that the ‘serrated back’ of the blade is totally non functional and won’t cut butter… no really, it won’t cut it. This little knife does have some saving graces though.
The 2.5″ blade and 3.5″ overall size is compact enough to fit in that little pocket on the right side of your jeans without feeling like it’s jabbing into the bottom of that tiny pocket. With that being said, if the knife is in the regular pocket, it’s hardly noticeable to the wearer.

Unique looks and design really make up the entirety of this knife without trying to hard to “look cool.” The locking mechanism is unique and is similar to newer utility knives that require sliding a small thumb catch over about 1/8″ to release the blade.

Fit wise, this knife fits perfectly for a 3 finger + thumb grasp – I prefer all four fingers, but if you’re going for compact, this is great. The knife is easy and firm to open up one handed.

Quality wise, this knife feels well built, sturdy, no cheap loose bolts, and isn’t smothered in oil.

Sharpness test!
I compared this to my Gerber Paraframe and Gerber Ripstop II. Both knives have been used a bit and probably need sharpening, but they’re still very sharp for just about everything I use them on. My paper test is on 25# printer paper (so it’s a little thicker than regular stuff). The Gerbers had a rather rough time slicing through and literally rip more than anything else. This little RnS knife sliced smooth and clean right through.

Overall, for the price range – I am impressed with this little EDC!

If you’re in need of nice little every-day-carry knife, this one is on Amazon for about $13: